Vacuum Sealers for Food Protection and Preservation

Vacuum sealers are used by individuals, food manufacturers, and other people involved with food. Vacuum sealers protect and preserve foods. These are the most common equipment used when packaging food items. The reason why a lot of people and food industries use vacuum sealers is that it preserves the food and extends its shelf life dramatically. The preservation is done by removing the air inside that cause bacteria and other life forms to thrive. It helps a lot of eliminate spoilage.

Meats are commonly vacuum sealed and then frozen. With vacuum sealer bags, bacterial contaminations decrease. It also prevents freezer burn. Vegetables are also vacuum sealed and frozen. The low temperature further extends the shelf life of the food item.

There are two major types of vacuum sealers - the external and the chamber vacuum sealers.

External vacuum sealers are used for low-volume production but not for high volume packaging. The reason for this is because external vacuum sealers do not operate at a high speed as a chamber vacuum sealer does. External vacuum sealers only remove air from the bag but do not replace it with inert gas. This is key when packaging delicate products like potato chips.

The method of packing for best vacuum sealer is entirely different from the method used for external vacuum sealers. When external vacuum sealers are used, they simply remove air from the bag and seal it. With a chamber vacuum sealer, the air is removed from the entire chamber, including the bag, seals the bag and returns the vacuumed chamber to a normal atmosphere. Because the bag is sealed inside the vacuum chamber, the product is air free when the process is done.

Chamber sealers also allow adjustment with the amount of air to be removed. When packaging delicate foods, this is very important. After removing the air within the chamber, a percentage of inert gas is added back into the chamber before sealing the bag.

If you know the maximum size of the product to be packaged, then you can choose a chamber vacuum sealer bags. They are available in many different sizes. With a chamber vacuum sealer, multiple items can be packaged and vacuumed at one when the chamber is large enough. This increases the speed by which a company packages their food items.

Stores and business that package food on a regular basis can purchase the chamber vacuum sealer which is ideal for their business.